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This form collects contact information and contains some discovery questions to enhance our vision session. You may choose to answer the questions in writing, or consider them for discussion in our session. All of your information is confidential.

Contact Information

What is your preferred way to communicate between sessions?(Required)


Coaching You

Drag the statements in an order of most important (top) to least important (bottom)
  • Help me focus on what's important
  • Help me set actionable goals
  • Hold me accountable
  • Facilitate self-discovery
  • Help me brainstorm ideas
  • Be a sounding-board
  • Celebrate my wins
  • Challenge me
  • Help me envision my best future
  • Help me navigate challenges
For an idea of strengths, see the Strengths and Values PDF in the sidebar. You are not limited to those!

Your Health & Wellbeing

This can include anything you feel is relevant: energy level, mood, activity level, health concerns, social and vocational satisfaction, etc.
Whatever comes to mind.
This can be anything: weight, exercise volume, stress reduction, social media habits, etc.
What kind of social support do you have for making the changes you wish to make in your life?

Personal strength:

  • It feels authentic.
  • You feel excitement when you use it.
  • It’s easy for you to learn skills that fall under it.
  • You seek new ways to enact the strength.
  • You feel a sense of yearning to act in accordance with the strength.
  • You have feeling of inevitability in using the strength—it feels automatic.
  • You feel invigorated when using the strength, even when working hard.
  • You favor projects that revolve around the strength.
  • Using your strength toward a goal creates intrinsic motivation.

Strengths and Virtues (PDF)

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