Apps & Devices I Find Valuable

Note: these are all direct links. I am not an affiliate and derive no income from referrals. In other words, I’m disclosing that I have nothing to disclose.

Cronometer: This is hands-down the best nutrient-tracking app I’ve used. And I have used a lot of them. I love the detail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. I prefer to focus on nutrient-density rather than calories (except when I’m working out a lot and need to make sure I eat enough). This app actually lets you turn calorie tracking off. The free version is robust and offers all of the essentials.

Oura: I’ve been tracking my sleep with Oura since 2018. My primary interest is in the all-night HRV tracking. Oura lets me know early if I am overtraining and encourages me to take rest time.

Apple Watch: This isn’t the best activity tracker on the market, but it is adequate. I’m only going to wear one wrist-based activity tracker. It does a good job with tracking strokes and laps when I swim, and that’s important to me. I like that it integrates with my other Apple products, especially Apple Pay.  Beware, the Watch’s built in coaching notifications can encourage overtraining.

HeartMath: I have used the Heartmath Inner Balance app and sensor since 2015. At times that I have used it heavily (>30min/day) I have seen an increase in my HRV. I’ve seen a lot of other benefits as well, including increased creativity, motivation and productivity, higher emotional resilience, and surprising positive resonance when interacting with people. If you’d like to learn more, check out their free course.

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