Free Initial Conversation

20 minute video chat via Zoom

Let’s connect. We’ll explore the kind of changes you’re hoping for and how coaching can help.

Visioning Session

50 minute conversation via Zoom

This session will get us started on the journey. Together we will explore your, strengths, motivation and vision for optimal wellbeing. This session will set the stage for our Goals Session.

Goals Session

50 minute conversation via Zoom

In this session we will refine longterm and short-term goals. Together we apply your strengths and values to a plan for realizing your vision for optimal wellbeing. We will develop milestones for future sessions.

Ongoing Session

50 minute conversation via Zoom

This is a space for making plans, checking in, exploring setbacks, celebrating milestones and building success upon success.

Coaching Initiation Package

If after our initial conversation you decide a coaching relationship with me feels right, you will receive an invitation to sign up for this package. This package includes one visioning session, one goal session and 5 ongoing sessions.

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